About me: reader, writer, driven mad by punctuation, trying to turn my lack of cable television into an entertaining blog. Once bought a big ceramic owl to mess with someone who’d decided I was a Bilderberger, because being mistaken for a world-mover is just fine with me.

Should’ve bought a bigger owl.


About the title: a reference to mystery novels and/or Edward Gorey, who once drew arsenical buns. “Our cynical”… get it? You probably wish you hadn’t, but there it is.

My love for Highlander is eternal. My love for its hero has yet to grow in.


A Non-Exhaustive List of Things I Enjoy:


Movies with sword noises in them


Jen Walters She-Hulk

Electroswing (everyone has a vice, darn it)

Two out of three of the major Law & Order franchises—sorry, SVU

Every variation on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow I have ever come across, including the one with Jeff Goldblum and Dick Butkus that aired during my childhood

The kind of British mystery where there is at least one outstanding Marcel Wave on the screen at all times

Velvet (the excellent spy comic)

Successfully deciphering terrible handwriting

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (Bob Bailey version)

Singing along with my car stereo

The kind of mystery story in which that truly vile person at the party is swiftly dispatched later that night


Tea with candied violet leaves in it

Yelling at the people in movies the way other, slightly saner people yell at sporting events on TV

The Detective Dee movies


Playing Fallen London

Watching sumo wrestling

Smoked goat cheese

The kind of horror movie certain online reviewers complain about as being slow or dull

Jim Hutton as Ellery Queen

Phryne Fisher

Falling unwisely in love with my own prose

Agent Carter

Bvlgari cologne

Advice columns

Ice-age megafauna

Duck ka pow









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