Found-Again Friday: Musical Interlude 1

I’ve been wanting to shake up the kinds of things I look at on Fridays (Highlander, of course, being a smorgasboard of infinite variety every Monday), but I hesitated to branch out into music. More than TV or movies, I still listen to a lot of the same things I’ve always listened to—I just add more as things are brought to my attention. The Gordon Lightfoot song  I loved when I was ten* is on a mix in my car right now: that’s not very Found-Again, is it?

Still, the idea appeals, so here are some things you could expect to find blaring in my headphones in the early ’90s. (No verdict section required for this one—if I picked ’em, I still like ’em.)

Here’s something a bit nerdy:

I mean it as a very high compliment when I say that nobody yelps and growls like Murray Attaway, whose solo album was stock listening for me for ages:

One of my teenage regrets is that I never got to see these guys live, even though they were from Norfolk:

And 1993 was the year I got a little bit into zydeco.

*Between the folk music and the Goldblum crush, I was exactly as popular as you think I was during my tween years.


Next time: This part just drags ON and ON Ramirez trains Connor in Monday’s TCBOM! post.