There Can Be Only Monday! Talking About Highlander…A Lot, Part 36

Last time: Brenda saved herself and Connor. Remind me again why this movie isn’t called The Resourceful Forensic Weapons Specialist With Questionable Taste In Boyfriends?

36. A happy ending?

We’re at the epilogue, with Brenda and Connor lolling about on a hill in the highlands in very preppy sweaters. It’s also the wrap-up, in which we find out how Connor experiences what I assume is near-infinite influence.

This, like so many other things about our hero, could be summed up as “…eh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.” The exact quote is “…It’s like a whirlwind in my head, but if I concentrate, I know what people are thinking all over the world. Presidents, diplomats, scientists…I can help them understand each other.” This seems like a slipshod method when you’re the supreme being of this particular film; then again, my relative position on a Connor-to-Kurgan leadership continuum is pretty well established by now, so I would think that.

Brenda doesn’t seem to mind Connor’s plan to treat the whole world as his personal pinball machine to nudge (“Tilt! Oh, damn, global war. I guess they understood each other but just didn’t agree.”), or mind that his biggest goal is to be just a regular guy, as able to be killed by random acts of god (er…whom he may be, I guess) as any other man who has the weight of an impending action-movie franchise looming overhead. Though if he can make himself a regular guy, would that mean abandoning his new special powers? We never get to find out.

And then, as if to bang the drum of anticlimax with greater force, we get a Ramirez montage. (It had never really dawned on me until writing about the church scene that Connor and the Kurgan are, in part, having an argument about a guy who’s been dead for 400 years. Everyone is really hung up on Ramirez.) Is there some reason Connor can’t bring the guy back from the dead at this point, other than having to explain that he willed all Ramirez’s clothes to a nice lady in New York?

The montage version of Ramirez says the Highlander has “power beyond imagination.” I have to assume they’re not talking about my imagination. Connor and Brenda wouldn’t have needed a plane to get to Scotland, for one thing.

At any rate, they’re happy for the moment, kissing on a hillside as the end-of-movie music swells.


Next time: It turns out I didn’t see nearly as much of Disney’s The Black Hole as a kid as I’d thought, so I’m still on the hunt for Friday.

Next time on TCBOM!: What did we learn?


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