The Quest For Monday! Part 9: Important Safety Tip

(Episode: “The Curse of Anubis”)

Synopsis: A political plotter thinks he can unite all Arab peoples around a stolen Egyptian artifact. Unfortunately for him, the theft gets the attention of Team Quest and of an ancient mummy, whose animated, revenge-focused existence fails to raise a single scientific eyebrow during the entire episode.

Tip 9: Motorcycle safety is very important.

Even if you’re making an improvised escape from henchmen, it’s usually a good idea to protect your head.

Bad Jonny!
Bad Jonny!

…Of course, some kind of helmet is more traditional.

Thinking outside the tent...then through it, then outside again.
Thinking outside the tent…then through it, then outside again.


Next time: A retro dance mix for your holiday. Needed more “U Got the Look,” but what can you do?

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