The Quest For Monday! Part 10: Resolution

(Episode: “The Curse of Anubis”)

Synopsis: A political plotter thinks he can unite all Arab peoples around a stolen Egyptian artifact. Unfortunately for him, the theft gets the attention of Team Quest and of an ancient mummy, whose animated, revenge-focused existence fails to raise a single scientific eyebrow during the entire episode.

Tip 10: Make allies.

There’s a saying that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

When the enemy of your enemy is also a fiend born from the darkest depths of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, even better.

Look at that skull!
Look at that skull!


Special author’s note: The dialogue in that chase scene with Jonny and Hadji from last week is the most Roger-Moore-Bond thing I’ve ever seen in animation, and that includes all of Danger Mouse.

Next time: The movie I ranked as the worst I’d ever seen in 2005. It’s pretty much got to be better now.

Next time on TQfM! I don’t remember what a “Po-Ho” is, so this should be fun.


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