The Quest For Monday Resumes! Part 12

(Episode: “Pursuit of the Po-Ho”)

Synopsis: A scientist friend of Dr. Quest is kidnapped by credulous Amazon tribespeople who wish to sacrifice him. Dr. Quest ends up captured too, and it’s up to Race Bannon to do the silliest thing he can in this vaguely racist cartoon in order to save everyone.

Tip 12: Try not to overlook the obvious.

Sorry to leave you all stranded in the jungle with the hordes of generic monkeys. I trust you got through the holidays, even if it may have taken a little work with a machete.

Now that we’re all back at base camp,  let’s kick off the new year with one of the most basic lessons of all.


...Except for all the Po-Hos, of course.
…Except for all the Po-Hos, of course. They’re pretty fluent in it.

In the immortal words of Depeche Mode, people are people. Even Dr. Quest screws that one up sometimes.

Next time: Still debating the merits of a review vs. a new Musical Interlude for Friday.

Next time on The Quest For Monday!: A little something for the ladies, and inclined gentlemen.

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