The Quest For Monday! Part 14: “Always Believe In Your Soul”

(Episode: “The Riddle of the Gold”)

Synopsis: Supervillain Dr. Zin wants to disrupt the world’s gold markets. This involves murder, a kidnapped scientist who can do quasi-alchemy, a henchman disguised as a maharajah, and some extremely irate big cats. I don’t think Zin has an efficiency expert on staff.

Tip 14: There’s nothing wrong with mixing cutting-edge and old-school interests.

Case in point: Dr. Zin, international supervillain. His current interest is the age-old alchemical pursuit of turning non-gold things into gold—well, gold enough to fool people—even though he’s a very early adopter of this sweet video-phone system.

"I call it...VisageTime."
“It’s known as…VisageTime.”

But isn’t it always the way? No matter how hipsterishly obscure your hobby may be, someone you can’t stand is also into it:


Author's note: this is where I tried for several minutes to make a "phlogiston...before it was cool" joke.
Author’s note: this is where I tried for several minutes to make a “phlogiston…before it was cool” joke. You’re welcome.

It’s okay to feel possessive of your interests: it’s less okay to, say,  kill people with a poisoned needle about it.


Next time: If you thought Ginger Snaps was scary, I give you Tom Cruise in a funny little outfit.

Next time on TQfM!: A tiger!

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