The Quest For Monday! Part 15: The Hunt Is On

(Episode: “The Riddle of the Gold”)

Synopsis: Supervillain Dr. Zin wants to disrupt the world’s gold markets. This involves murder, a kidnapped scientist who can do quasi-alchemy, a henchman disguised as a maharajah, and some extremely irate big cats. I don’t think Zin has an efficiency expert on staff.

Tip 15: Beware reversals of fortune.

Someone* once said that man is the most dangerous game.

"You're kidding, right?"
“You’re kidding, right?”

Even so, Dr. Quest’s spy mission to India proves the contest for first runner-up is what you might call fierce.

BQNot GoingToEatDoctorQuest

(Fun art thing to do: compare the screenshot below to Hokusai’s Happy Tiger in the Snow.)

"Grumpy Tiger In An Eccentric Cartoon"
“Grumpy Tiger In An Eccentric Cartoon”

In conclusion, tigers: love them, avoid them.


*The fellow who wrote the story of that name was Richard Connell. No idea why I have to look up that information every time I need it, yet can remember enough old musical instruments to make  Hangman opponents want to take it live-action.


Next time: Yet to be determined.

Next time on tQfM!: More spying, less, um, tigering.

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