The Quest For Monday! Part 20: The Children Of The Night, And Also Race Bannon

(Episode: “Treasure of the Temple”)

Synopsis: An Australian-sounding adventurer tries to stop Team Quest from exploring an ancient jungle temple the looter has his sights on, even going so far as to subjugate the natives. This show not being called Guy Who Would Almost Certainly Be Played By Tim Roth In The Movie Version, though, he does not prevail.

Tip 20: Some genuine nature knowledge for once.

Yes, there are bats in areas like the one where the Quests are camping out, and yes, some do depend on mammal blood.

I can't help feeling these guys must be pretty hard up. They don't like staked-out defectors?
I can’t help feeling these guys must be pretty hard up. They don’t like staked-out defectors?


This guy doesn't even run from crocodiles.
And since when is Race Bannon a mammal? The guy doesn’t even run from crocodiles.

What Race probably doesn’t know is that the risk of rabies from bat bites is in fact fairly low, even if…

Dun dun DUN!!
Dun dun DUN!!

(And because I get annoyed when people, even cartoon people, think bats are ugly, I’d like to plug Bat World Sanctuary, a real-world shelter in Texas. I try to adopt a bat every year, and if you look at the pictures, you’ll see that—as often seems to be the case when he sets foot in a jungle—Dr. Quest is full of guano about this. Those things are adorable.)


Next time: Don’t tread on the Hardy Boys. They know how to take footprint casts!

Next time on TQfM!: We’ll get closer to the point, I promise.




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