The Quest For Monday! Part 28: It’s Not Necessarily Go Time

(Episode: “Calcutta Adventure”)

Synopsis: It’s Hadji’s origin story! The awesome orphan meets the Quests for the first time and helps foil a plot to manufacture nerve gas. Also on the scene is Hadji’s friend, the greedy Pasha Peddler, who has a knack for making timely rescues profitable.

Tip 28: Sometimes you just need to slow down…


And here we all thought Race only had one gear...which was cleverly encoded in his name.
And we all thought Race only had one gear…cleverly encoded in his name.

…and one of those times is when you are being chased by an airplane.


(Yes, this does add yet another fatality to whatever the Jonny Quest death rolls are by now. Low double digits, I think.)


Next time: We’ll be back with the Hardy Boys.

Next time on TQfM!: Low friends in high places.

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