The Quest For Monday! Part 30: When In Rome (or Calcutta…)

(Episode: “Calcutta Adventure”)

Synopsis: It’s Hadji’s origin story! The awesome orphan meets the Quests for the first time and helps foil a plot to manufacture nerve gas. Also on the scene is Hadji’s friend, the greedy Pasha Peddler, who has a knack for making timely rescues profitable.

Tip 30: No need to reinvent the wheel.

...Especially if you're going to be traveling in snow.
…Especially if you’re going to be traveling in snow.


When you’re in a tight spot—if, say, your boss started a mini-avalanche and got captured by the bemasked minions of a secret nerve-gas factory—there’s no need for a new plan if you can adapt an old one.

That’s why Race decided to make some alterations to the old Cleopatra gag.

Call it the Bannon burrito.
Call it the Bannon burrito.


Next time: We find out if I can make a blog post out of two glossaries.

Next time on TQfM!: What not to do in a secret nerve-gas factory.


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