The Quest For Monday! Part 34: Eight-Legged Sneaks?

(Episode: “The Robot Spy”)

Synopsis: A strange aircraft that lands near Dr. Quest’s lab isn’t an X-File—just Dr. Zin’s latest scheme. The craft contains a spidery robot that can stun people, spy on them, and (Zin hopes) steal an invention intended to harmlessly disarm people. In my opinion, that’s the kind of thing you want supervillains to have, but hey, it’s not my story.

This week we’re going to be a little more lit-crit than usual and point out that…

Tip 34: Sometimes it’s what isn’t said that is most interesting.

A spider emerges from a UFO: two phobias for the price of one, perhaps?
A spy-spider emerges from a UFO. Another one of those Quest family Wednesdays…

Here’s exhibit A. Whether deliberately or for ease of use, evil Dr. Zin has made his robot in the shape of one of the most common objects of phobia: a spider. We know at least one member of Team Quest has a little problem with those, yet no one really mentions it as this big guy scuttles around doing his dirty work. I think that’s a shame.

Speaking of things nobody discusses directly, Hadji continues to have powers beyond the ken of mortal man.


Next time: For the first time in a long time, I genuinely have no idea.

Next time on TQfM!: More spindly-legged goodness.

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