The Quest For Monday! Part 36: All In One

Sadly, the timeline doesn’t allow me to line up the Fourth of July with a Jonny Quest explosion.

(Episode: “The Robot Spy”)

Synopsis: A strange aircraft lands near Dr. Quest’s lab, but it’s not an X-File—just Dr. Zin’s latest scheme. The craft contains a spidery robot sent to steal an invention intended to harmlessly disarm people. In my opinion, that’s the kind of thing you want supervillains to have, but hey, it’s not my story.

Tip 36: In praise of multitools.

This episode’s titular robot is wonderfully efficient, especially for the time period in which it was made. It moves about on its own, disarms enemies with a bonk to the head, sports a built-in webcam…

First 15 minutes free?
First 15 minutes free?

…diagnostic probes…

Spycraft or AI first date—you decide!
Spycraft or AI first date—you decide!

…and, best of all, an ability to hide from children and small dogs.


Happy holiday, everyone!


Next time: Say what you will about the Frankenstein monster, at least I knew what I’d be writing about on Fridays…

Next time on TQfM!: The inventor’s process.


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