The Quest For Monday! Part 41: Swap And Meet

(Episode: “Double Danger”)

Synopsis: The Quests go to Thailand so Benton can develop drugs that facilitate long-distance space travel. They’re pursued by Zin, whose new plan involves a Race Bannon lookalike. Dr. Quest’s awesome project, some interesting animals and the presence of an honest-to-god adventuress brilliantly distract from one of my least favorite classic plots.

Tip 41: Everything old is new again.

You may associate the travelers-in-trouble genre with Hostel or Turistas, but Team Quest is way ahead of you.

Come for the scenery that makes you hum "One Night In Bangkok"…
Come for the scenery that makes you hum “One Night In Bangkok”…
Stay—well, against your will.
Stay—well, against your will.


Next time: I’m psyching myself up to keep watching a TV show, and I’m taking you all with me.

Next time on TQfM!: So how hard is it to be Race Bannon, anyway?

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