The Quest For Monday! Part 55: Scuba-Dooby-Doo!

(Episode: “Skull and Double Crossbones”)

Synopsis: The Quests are back on their home turf—the surf. What should be enviable underwater fun and education is ruined when Jonny finds a treasure and Team Quest is set upon by some very lazy pirates. Also, Bandit learns to dive.

(OOC Author Note: Even before my time got compromised late last year, I struggled with this one because it’s everything I ever wanted out of a Jonny Quest episode as a kid: sea creatures, showy-but-plausible science, and a swashbuckling plot. That makes it a little bland for Benton Quest Field Guide purposes, so I think I’m just going to wrap it up today.)

When your life is on the line, even from the laziest of sources, and you need to summon help…

…such as when confronted by pirates who are averse to standing up for long periods of time, but who could still shoot you.

Tip 55: Sometimes the weird thing to do is the right thing to do.

Bandit’s reporting trouble above the water. He’s kind of an inverse Lassie.


Next time: I’m letting someone else decide Friday’s movie, so it’ll either be really silly or the Hammer (film) will drop…which doesn’t actually preclude the silly.

Next time on TQfM!: “The Dreadful Doll” looks like the TV equivalent of movie voodoo, only in the Questverse. This has the potential to be excruciating. I can’t wait.



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