The Quest For Monday! Part 56: Putting The “Ick” In Ichthyology

(Episode: “The Dreadful Doll”)

Synopsis: The Quests are diverted from fun fish-identifying business: first by the appearance of a spy sub, then by villagers with a voodoo problem. The voodoo is a smokescreen…er, zombie-drug-screen…to hide the construction of an undersea base, and the situation escalates faster than you can say “Wade Davis.” Highlights of this episode include turbanless Hadji and Bannon beefcake, because the dreadful doll is a doggone distraction.

Only a spot of voodoo could interrupt Team Quest’s oceanic idyll… apparently.

Tip 56: It’s good to love your work, but maybe not too much.

Especially if your work shows signs of loving you back.
And the family’s not even that surprised.


Next time: Christopher Lee in a movie I haven’t seen since the days of TBS’s Five Film Fang Fest, which is to say a hell of a long time.

Next time on TQfM!:  Becoming a voodoo master the easy way.

J. A.

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