There Can Be Only Monday! Talking About Highlander…A Lot, Part 11

Last time: Brenda is a woman on a mission: Connor is a creeper who dilutes his single-malt.

11. A helicopter?

Brenda leaves the bar, and Connor tries to follow her—but she is hiding and trying to follow him instead. This part does fulfill my definition of “meet-cute,” in a detective sort of way—both of them stalking around each other, thinking, “What do you know about that sword?!”

Connor’s immortal-sense appears to go off, so he grabs Brenda and tries to get her to go away. Too late, though—the Kurgan pops up next to them like the world’s evilest, happiest jack-in-the-box. This is a good time to reiterate that it’s nice to see someone actually enjoying himself in this movie, given that Connor has variously scowled and glowered through professional wrestling, a duel, an arrest and interrogation, quality booze, a semi-flirtation, and some small portion of 1536.

They fight (Connor doesn’t have his sword on him…at night…during the Gathering; maybe Brenda should have walked him home instead), with Connor using first a firehose, then a metal pipe handed to him by Brenda. Have I mentioned all the cheap Freud in here lately? In this scene, it’s even cheaper than usual.

A chase ensues, with the Kurgan literally pursuing Connor down a dark alley; it’s very effective. Connor attacks with the pipe again, but it’s wrested away from him, and the Kurgan adds “beat” to his list of options for “[verb] the ever-loving shit out of the Highlander.” He also demonstrates that he has learned nothing constructive about not gloating/roaring out movie taglines at crucial moments. The Kurgan steps toward Brenda, which is a profoundly stupid order of operations when being the ruler of the world is on the line, and Connor tackles him.

…And then a police helicopter appears, for some reason, and the Kurgan utterly fails to take advantage of the surprise and make this one of the shortest action movies on record. Instead, he runs away, leaving Connor with a pipe and Brenda with a bunch of questions—none of which Connor will answer even though she helped save his uncooperative, trenchcoated skin.


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