There Can Be Only Monday!: Talking About Highlander…A Lot, Part 35

Last time: Rachel inherits the earth treasure cave; Connor sets out to save Brenda and more or less ends up in a time-appropriate music video.

35. In which I get out my Team Kurgan pennant. The guy needs all the help he can get.

This is it, my 1.2 readers: the final duel that decides the fate of humanity. I’m thinking the movie title kind of gives away the result here, but onward!

First things first: for this section I am dipping my toe into audio and trying to produce a few amusing things. If you’ve ever wondered what someone who’d watch Highlander constantly for a most of a year sounds like, wonder no more. We have soundbites from my living room!

(I’d also like to offer special thanks to the other voice, my friend V., at this point no stranger to the Connor Sucks Chorus.)

Connor and the Kurgan have fallen through the skylight into a room with a nice bank of windows we should all get a good look at while we still can.

The Kurgan is having a lovely time kicking Connor’s ass while Brenda attempts to get in through a locked door. Has someone learned his lesson about villain monologues of any length? He has not.

Just when the movie gets my hopes up, Brenda runs in to attack the bad guy with a metal pipe. Why does nobody (including me the first time I watched the film) ever seem to notice Brenda winning the movie? Is it sexism? Does the title/whole Highlander concept carry so much weight that the story naturally bends around a MacLeod? Some combination of these things?

At any rate, Connor gets his groove sword back…somehow…and proceeds to rout the Kurgan.

And, light shining on his stubble, the Highlander moves in for the kill.

Kurgan, we hardly knew ye. Of course, by the end, you hardly knew ye, too.

The final Quickening seems to be extremely painful, and not just if you happen to be a window: Connor is lifted in the air, attacked by strange spirits, yells a lot, and allegedly receives infinite knowledge before the power drops him to the hard floor, where I’m guessing at least some of it leaks back out.


Next time: I celebrate the life of Christopher Lee by rewatching one of my least favorite Hammer Draculas.

Next time on TCBOM!: Praying to a new god. Well, not really, it’s just Connor talking.


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