Found-Again Friday: Musical Interlude 6

Summer is on its way out for 2015, but let’s cling to it a while with some island music! As usual, all songs posted are things that appear in my music collection—I have a weakness for reggae and soca as well as for Voltaire and nerd music and, well, almost everything else.

Here’s a voice that never fails to give me chills:

When I’m in need of a little lift in spirits, I go for this one.(Work semi-warning: bikinis, sexy dance moves, etc.)

Speaking of which, this one has spawned a lot of dance tutorials on YouTube:

I may be misremembering, but I could swear I heard a network use this to advertise reruns of the show that shares the name.

And one of the first reggae songs I ever heard back when I was a moody youth (and I liked it anyway)…

Enjoy the sunshine!


Next time: Jonny Quest and family are on the beach, too—though probably not listening to Tenor Saw.



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