Found-Again Friday: Musical Interlude 7

We’re going waaaaay back this time, to the music I heard as a very small child. My dad grew up on a farm and liked to listen to a lot of WCMS FM, our country station... and as a result, so did I.

Listen, at least. Like? Sometimes.

Every few years, I am distressed to discover I still remember the chorus to this one.

This next one was one of my favorites when I was three or so— pretty embarrassing given what I can’t even really call the subtext. It’s just…text:

By the time I was five, I was just barely starting to grasp that whole subtext thing, though.

I’ve been trying for years, but have never managed to reconcile Conway Twitty’s lyrics with…well, with his hair, for one thing.

And there’s no way to make a list like this and not end on Dolly Parton. Pretty sure that’s a law.




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