The Quest For Monday! Part 11: Monkey Business

(Episode: “Pursuit of the Po-Ho”)

Synopsis: A scientist friend of Dr. Quest is kidnapped by credulous Amazon tribespeople who wish to sacrifice him. Dr. Quest ends up captured too, and it’s up to Race Bannon to do the silliest thing he can in this vaguely racist cartoon in order to save everyone.

Tip 11: This is the most important animal you will ever see (in the Jonny Quest universe, anyway):



Cebidae ubiquitous jonnyquestensis
Cebidae ubiquitous jonnyquestensis, this time found in the Amazon.

Don’t bother looking for him again—we’ll find him. He’s quite the globetrotter.

Next time: On Friday I’ll finally stop torturing myself with these things and torture my readers instead, as it should be. The next time I decide to watch Beyond Therapy and An Awfully Big Adventure within months of each other, for heaven’s sake someone stop me.

Next time on TQfM!: Errrrr…

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