The Quest For Monday! Part 19: For All You Nascent Supervillains

Episode: “Treasure of the Temple”

Synopsis: An Australian-sounding adventurer tries to stop Team Quest from exploring an ancient jungle temple the looter has his sights on, even going so far as to subjugate the natives. This show not being called Guy Who Would Almost Certainly Be Played By Tim Roth In The Movie Version, though, he does not prevail.

Tip 19: Don’t trust nature to do your dirty work (a lesson some of us learned around tiger o’clock in the last episode).

Given that this episode has a talking toucan, perhaps the vulture should protest.
Given that this adventure has a talking toucan, perhaps the vulture should protest. I know the guy should.

There’s simply too much chance of someone stopping by to help—and to communicate by speaking English loudly and slowly.

Eh, he means well this time.
Eh, he means well this time.

Just don’t risk it. I mean, what if your victim and his rescuer can actually understand each other? Total disaster.

Next time: Finally! Friday meets Blacula.

Next time on TQfM!: More Scooby-Dooing among the pyramids.

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