The Quest For Monday! Part 21: O Fortuna

(Episode: “Treasure of the Temple”)

Synopsis: An Australian-sounding adventurer tries to stop Team Quest from exploring an ancient jungle temple the looter has his sights on, even going so far as to subjugate the natives. This show not being called Guy Who Would Almost Certainly Be Played By Tim Roth In The Movie Version, though, he does not prevail.

Tip 21: Fortune favors…

No matter how many tips I give you campers on how to survive out here, there’s often no substitute…


"Hey, Hadji, why do you think they call it The Ledge of the Secret Room?"
“Hey, Hadji, why do you think they call it The Ledge of the Secret Room?”

…for pure dumb luck.

I have to admit, that's a pretty neat jaguar statue.
I have to admit, that’s a pretty neat jaguar statue near the middle.

Next time: Our Cynical Omelet will have a Musical Interlude for St. Patrick’s Day. I found something, um, incredible.

Next time on TQfM! Fight! Fight! Fight!

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