The Quest For Monday! Part 26: Cloak And Dagger, But Without The Cloak

(Episode: “Calcutta Adventure”)

Synopsis: It’s Hadji’s origin story! The awesome orphan meets the Quests for the first time and helps foil a plot to manufacture nerve gas. Also on the scene is Hadji’s friend, the greedy Pasha Peddler, who has a knack for making timely rescues profitable.

Tip 26: Like the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

It's a basket lid AND a shield!
It’s a basket lid AND a shield!

…which is good if, like Dr. Quest, you seem to be the mother of multiple assassination attempts.

A typical Quest family Wednesday.
A typical Quest family Wednesday.

Next time: We get reunited with the Hardy Boys on Friday.

Next time on TQfM!: Spy Kids.

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