The Quest For Monday! Part 38: This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is Thailand

(Episode: “Double Danger”)

Synopsis: The Quests go to Thailand so Benton can develop drugs that facilitate long-distance space travel. They’re pursued by Zin, whose new plan involves a Race Bannon lookalike. Dr. Quest’s awesome project, some interesting animals and the presence of an honest-to-god adventuress brilliantly distract from one of my least favorite classic plots.

Tip 38: Animal spotting!

It’s been several episodes since we saw him hanging out with the Po-Hos in the Amazon, but the official Jonny Quest monkey is now here in Thailand!

And he's thrilled to be here!
And he’s thrilled to be here!
Also makes a cute window treatment.
Also makes a cute window treatment.

Next time: Even now, I am watching Prince of Darkness. If I don’t regret it too hard, that’ll be Friday.

Next time on TQfM!: The plot thickens, in that there is one.

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