The Quest For Monday! Part 44: Up, Up, And Away

Looks like Monday was really Monday’s left-handed doppelganger, Tuesday…

(Episode: “Double Danger”)

Synopsis: The Quests go to Thailand so Benton can develop drugs that facilitate long-distance space travel. They’re pursued by Zin, whose new plan involves a Race Bannon lookalike. Dr. Quest’s awesome project, some interesting animals and the presence of an honest-to-god adventuress brilliantly distract from one of my least favorite classic plots.

One could draw a lot of lessons from this bit of the episode. There’s the benefit of cooperation with regard to, say, escape:

Hadji magicked the bullets out of the bad guy's gun. Why isn't the cartoon named after him?
Hadji magicked the bullets out of the bad guy’s gun. Why isn’t the cartoon named after him?

One can argue that anyone who plans to blow up an ancient Buddha deserves no less than this:

In Evil Plotland, bench approaches YOU!
In Evil Plotland, bench approaches YOU!

But when it comes right down to it and you’re about to be exploded…

Tip 44: Try to know someone with a helicopter.

Is there anything Jade can't do? I'm going with "No."
Is there anything Jade can’t do? I’m going with “No.”


Next time: Either old and cheesy or…newer and still kind of cheesy.

Next time on TQfM!: Nature vs. torture and the end of this adventure.

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