The Quest For Monday! Part 54: What A Dive

(Episode: “Skull and Double Crossbones”)

Synopsis: The Quests are back on their home turf—the surf. What should be an episode of enviable underwater fun and education is ruined when Jonny finds a treasure and Team Quest is set upon by some very lazy pirates. Also, Bandit learns to dive.

This week brings another safety tip that can be applied outside the Jonny Quest universe!

Tip 54: It’s inadvisable to dive alone.

Usually, that’s for reasons of water safety. In this case, though?

Cue Spandau Ballet.

It’s because you might find pirate gold and draw the attention of the bad guys.

A chef and a spy. What a multitasker! (Not to mention whatever is going on with that headgear.)


Next time: We wrap up the theme month with Fright Night, a movie I frankly adore.

Next time on TQfM!: As the kid in The Princess Bride said, captured by pirates is good. Right?


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