There Can Be Only Monday! Talking About Highlander…A Lot, Part 7

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7. Enter the nerd.

Now arrested, Connor is presumably dragged off to the police station—and the first time I saw this, it did my heart good, because Highlander: The Series never seemed to spend a lot of time on things like disposing of headless bodies. I had almost begun to assume immortals just dissolved, so the cops finding Fasil and wanting to know what happened was like a little beacon of logic shining out of the movie.

Cut to the crime scene: a headless body (yay!),  a lot of angry people who would like to know why their cars exploded, and the heroine/love interest of the movie, Brenda Wyatt (we can tell she is going to be the love interest because she looks like a cleaned-up version of Connor’s 16th-century girlfriend: the guy seriously has a type). She’s a consultant/crime scene investigator, which is good since the police at the scene are played by Alan “the captain on Police Squad!” North and John “Always put one in the brain!” Polito, who need all the help they can get.

After being harassed by the idiot cops, Brenda starts to look around the scene and finds what everyone else apparently missed: a giant, shiny sword lying around. Admittedly, she is later revealed to be a weapons specialist, but I like to think I’d have noticed that too. There are a lot of things I love about this scene, though: she is obviously excited by her discovery, she uses gloves like a real technician…mostly I like that they have an expert at something, since so far we’ve seen bumbling policemen, charging Scots, Fasil losing his duel, and the Kurgan losing his chance by making a villain speech. She’s a nerd about something, in an era when you didn’t always see that in movies.

Then the following exchange takes place:

Lt. Moran, who cannot parse the words “Toledo Salamanca”: A what?

Brenda: A sword, Frank. A very rare sword.

Moran: Worth much?

Brenda: Only about a million bucks.

Am I crazy for thinking that there would then be some extra care taken with that sword? As we’ll see next week, I totally am.


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