Found-Again Friday: Musical Interlude 3

This time we’re going down south to find out what my room sounded like when I was 15.

…And that sounds way more exciting—and disgusting—than it is. Oh, well.

I started my folk-music post with my “gateway drug” group; southern power-pop had them, too. Here’s my favorite REM song.

And I mentioned in the first musical post that these guys were local in the ’80s:

This band was my very first concert! And about 7 more, but only one in their native North Carolina.

[fights temptation to post every song from the Boylan Heights album available on YouTube]

But the group that consistently gave me chills, the group I listened to all the way to college interviews and back, was the incomparable Guadalcanal Diary.

And as a bonus, a song by the man who had a hand in producing music for everybody mentioned above: the video is odd, but hey, wolf spiders are cool.


Next time: It’ll be Monday. Take a wild stab guess.

J. A.

It reads. It writes. It watches. It researches. It overdoes many of those things!

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