Found-Again Friday: Musical Interlude 11

Let’s take a walk on the lighter side this Friday. These aren’t all “novelty songs” per se, but they do amuse me, and I hope they’ll amuse you.

I first heard this one on Norfolk’s Z104 Morning Zoo *mumblety* years ago. If by any chance you don’t know what “embarrassment” is, try describing this song to someone without resort to YouTube. You will, my friend. You will.

A song for my favorite beverage…

…And one that is probably better than watching The Raven (I refer to the horror comedy from the ’60s, but we’ll let it ride):

Here’s one for lounge lizards and the people who definitely don’t wish to love them:

(Note: when I first heard of Webb Wilder—about four years after I heard of Kip Addotta, so that’s *mumblety* minus 4—I read that he made short films. I then went on to treat YouTube as Narnia for several years, but recently discovered the shorts are available there. It is genuinely fun to cross something that long-standing off my to-do list, and I really enjoyed them.)

For our last track, it’s been months and I still can’t stop listening to this. I’d say send help, but it’s right in my commute-time singing range.

Have a great weekend!

J. A.

It reads. It writes. It watches. It researches. It overdoes many of those things!

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