The Quest For Monday! Part 32: Don’t Be That Guy

(Episode: “Calcutta Adventure”)

Synopsis: It’s Hadji’s origin story! The awesome orphan meets the Quests for the first time and helps foil a plot to manufacture nerve gas. Also on the scene is Hadji’s friend, the greedy Pasha Peddler, who has a knack for making timely rescues profitable—in theory, anyway.

So you’ve foiled the bad guys in a splashy way that, in another time and place, would become an environmental disaster of impressive proportions, then buried the whole shebang under an avalanche:

Those red waves are from Dr. Quest's sonic weapon. Remember that from the start of the episode?
Those red waves are from Dr. Quest’s sonic weapon. Remember that from the start of the episode? I almost didn’t either.


Tip 32: Even if you can’t pay the whole bill, at least throw the guy a bone.

I know the guy is annoying, but I'm guessing helicopter fuel ain't cheap.
I know Pasha Peddler is annoying, but I’m guessing helicopter fuel ain’t cheap.

Don’t be a jerk, even if your favorite multitalented scientist is.


Next time: We finish up with the Hardy Boys.

Next time on TQfM!: Next episode! “The Robot Spy.”

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