The Quest For Monday! Part 52: A Place In The Sunfish

(Episode: “Skull and Double Crossbones”)

Synopsis: The Quests are back on their home turf—the surf. What should be an episode of enviable underwater fun and education is ruined when Jonny finds a treasure and Team Quest is set upon by some very lazy pirates. Also, Bandit learns to dive.

Tip 52: The movie was right: things do get better down where it’s wetter!

That’s if you can breathe, of course.
Science! I’m assuming…
Have I mentioned my parents hated the water when I was growing up? Yes, I’m jealous of Jonny Quest.

Will this idyll last? Like hell it will.


Next time: The Christmas theme month continues with Child’s Play. I don’t think I’ve watched it since I was 17, so this should be interesting.

Next time on TQfM!: The idyll in fact lasts for one more Monday post.


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