The Quest for Monday! Part 53: Shell Games

(Episode: “Skull and Double Crossbones”)

Synopsis: The Quests are back on their home turf—the surf. What should be an episode of enviable underwater fun and education is ruined when Jonny finds a treasure and Team Quest is set upon by some very lazy pirates. Also, Bandit learns to dive.

Tip 53: Competition can be healthy.

Bandit’s found a ringer for this race.


I kept trying to make a caption for this one that went “Tweenage [something] Surfing Turtles.”
But you shouldn’t let the desire to win warp your character.

Kids’ TV, folks.


Next time: I’m upping the “ew” factor and watching another Lovecraft adaptation with The Resurrected. People, never raise your lookalike ancestors from the dead if you can help it.

Next time on TQfM!: Treasure no-land.

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